Panorama SPA Area

Our Sauna Area for your Health and Wellbeing

Turn off, breathe, regenerate and recharge your drained batteries as you experience deep relaxation in our saunas and steam rooms. A visit to the sauna or steam room improves your circulation, strengthens your immune system and gives you a deep feeling of revitalisation.


Nurture your wellbeing in the Panorama Hotel spa’s exclusive atmosphere - with breathtaking views of Lake Walchsee and the surrounding mountains.

Our Panorama Sauna

Work up a sweat in our light, inviting Panorama sauna. Enjoy beautiful views of Lake Walchsee and the surrounding Kaiserwinkl mountain landscape while you’re looking forward to a refreshing cool-down.


Steam Bath

Your alternative to the sauna: the high level of humidity and the lower temperature make a visit to the steam bath pleasant and relaxing. The steam purifies, calms and improves your circulation.

Saltwater Grotto

Breathe deep. The pleasant level of salt in the air will do wonders for your breathing and circulation.

Heated Recliners

Pure relaxation! Indulgent relaxation for your whole body, these recliners are the perfect place to take a little time-out.


For the perfect all-over tan, visit our solarium (additional costs apply).

Rose Steam Room

The sensual scent of rose petals is the only thing that could improve a visit to the steam bath.

Infra-Red Cabin

The mild heat radiation deeply penetrates the skin to improve your circulation, relax your muscles and soothe your tension.

Sun Loungers

Not just spa-goers can enjoy a sun lounger on our lawn or green roof terrace with panoramic views of Lake Walchsee and the surrounding Kaisergebirge mountains. Simply lie back and enjoy the view… a luxury not indulged in enough.

Water Beds

You won’t want to get up. These water beds are like being on cloud nine… the perfect way to relax and dream after a visit to the sauna or steam room.

Tea Bar

A cup of tea between sauna sessions couldn’t hurt. Choose from our wide range of teas and rehydrate your body to feel refreshed and revitalised.

Do you have an affinity for water? Take the plunge, our pools are waiting for you.